Piotr Jura·
June 23, 2024

Checking if You Can Run Laravel 11 Locally

What's the Problem?

Is there an easy way to see if your local PHP installation can run Laravel 11 apps?

Well yeah. There isn't. It's 2024 and installing PHP is still not easy.

You can use XAMPP, Laravel Herd, MAMP, install manually. All these come with different set of enabled extensions.

Solution to the Problem

I've made a simple script that will tell you if your PHP can run Laravel 11 apps. It will:

  • List all the missing extensions
  • It will tell you if you can connect to MySQL, Postgres or SQLite.
  • It will point you to the PHP binary and php.ini file - so that you can enable the missing extensions if any.

Grab the script here.

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