Piotr Jura·
May 20, 2024

How Does Laravel Compare With Next.js?

How did the discussion start?

Here's a notable post on Twitter by Taylor Otwell, the creator and maintainer of Laravel. The debate revolves around whether Laravel requires more code than Next.js to build a simple to-do app.

In reality, a new Laravel app comes with pre-generated code that you can customize but don’t necessarily have to.

What does Laravel's author say?

What does the Remix author say?

After this, MJ, one of the Remix/React Router maintainers, responded with the following:

Lots of thoughts here, where to begin… 😅 First off, he’s not wrong when he says JS frameworks have a ways to go when it comes to feature parity with Rails or Laravel. AFAIK Redwood does come ootb with Prisma, but neither Remix or Next have any kind of data ORM built in. I…

Taylor Otwell ☁️ 🦹
Taylor Otwell ☁️ 🦹

The todo application. 😅 But, seriously, here's the thing... When Laravel and Rails developers say "full stack", they mean something totally different than when Next or Remix (React Router?) developers say "full stack". In Laravel and Rails, it means there are built-in,…


Remix/React Router is in fact heavily used (the Hydrogen headless stack) in Shopify new apps. The fact we should not forget: Shopify backend is mostly built using Rails. A framework that's very similar to Laravel. Laravel was initially modelled on Rails!

Should You compare Laravel with Next.js/Remix?

The short answer is no. These frameworks are built for different purposes but can complement each other.

How can Laravel be a full-stack framework?

  • Excellent for quick startup with built-in tools for databases, queues, caching, email, and web sockets
  • Full-stack capabilities with solutions like Livewire that minimize the need for JavaScript
  • Integrates well with Next.js/Nuxt/Remix as a backend solution

How is Next/Nuxt/Remix a full-stack framework?

  • Focus on the frontend with strong UI capabilities using React and Vue
  • Provide server-side features but lack opinions on backend implementations
  • Can server as frontend for a Laravel backend application

Does Laravel work well with frontend frameworks?

Laravel can serve as a backend for these frameworks. For example, it comes with starter kit for Next.js, and you can use Inertia to build Singe Page Applications with Laravel and React, Vue or Svelte.

What's the best framework then?

Choosing between Laravel and Next.js/Nuxt is a matter of preference for opinionated vs. unopinionated frameworks and convention over configuration. Opt for the framework you are most comfortable with or prefer working with.

Keep in mind, nothing stops you from leveraging Laravel strong sides - being good at backend-heavy work.

React, Vue, Svelte and the meta-frameworks are great at frontends and producing great UIs.

How do I know which framework is best for me?

You should build couple small projects with each one of them. To make this process seamless, not time consuming and enganing - I've got you covered with video courses that will teach you Laravel, Next.js or Nuxt from the ground up! You'll build fun and enganing projects along the way.

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