Piotr Jura·
April 27, 2024

6 Laravel Open Sources Projects to Learn From

What is open source software and how to learn from it?

Once you get the basics of any topic, it's much harder to get better at it. We know it all. You learn the basics of the language and then get stuck. Thankfully, some projects out there share their source code with us! It's called Open Source Software.

This is where looking through the source code of projects made by experienced developers might help and give you plenty of ideas! Let's explore 6 open source projects that will further your command of Laravel!

Monica - Personal CRM

Open Source Personal CRM caled Monica. The project goal is to help you self organize and document your life. I guess you can call it an app a little similar to Notion.

Monica project

Koel - Music Player

Interesting project, letting you stream music and made in Laravel - Koel. Really great to check out if you're about to work with media, like sound or video!

Koel Music Player

Flarum - Forum Software

Ever thought of building your own forum software? If you'd like to practice, go for it. Otherwise just use Flarum. It's worth checking out it's code for some great ideas too.

Flarum Forum Software

Filament - Admin Panel Builder

Filament is a library, not an application, but it's a golden mine for all of you Livewire fans. It's an admin panel builder for Laravel, and it can generally speed up app building immensly! Read more about Livewire and TALL Stack.

Filament the Admin Builder

BookStack - Build Wiki or Docs

Need a wiki page, or documentation for your project? Check out BookStack. Read the code for some inspiration in this area.

BookStack - build Wiki or Docs

Bagisto - E-commerce Platform

Bagisto is an e-commerce platform made in Laravel. I know a lot of you guys would like to build an e-commerce platform on your own. I get that, it's a great learning excerise! If you're out of ideas, take a look at Bagisto though!

Bagisto - solution for e-commerce