Vue 3 in Action: 6 Projects to Master the Framework

Master Vue 3 with hands-on projects, step-by-step tutorials, and real-world applications for developers at all levels
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181 students
13.5 hours
114 videos
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What will you learn?
  • Learn Vue essentials: templates, interpolation
  • Vue directives: v-if, v-for, v-bind
  • Form inputs binding
  • Reactivity: ref, computed
  • Creating composables
  • Composition API
  • Understand watchers
  • Components in depth
  • Understand props & events
  • Learn about slots & scoped slots
  • Dynamic components
  • Understand built-in components: Teleport, KeepAlive
  • Transitions
  • Data fetching & interacting with the APIs
  • Build great user experience by using optimistic UI
  • Single Page Applications: learn Vue Router
  • Pinia: state sharing library for complex apps
  • Learn how to use TypeScript in Vue for extra safety!
  • Target student
  • Basic JavaScript required (free resource included)
  • Basic HTML knowledge (links to resources)
  • Basic CSS knowledge (links to resources)
  • What's included?
    • 30 days money back guarantee!
    • Access to Discord Community!
    • Q&A Section to get you unstuck!
    What will you build?

    Can you drive?

    Are you eligible to drive?

    Image Gallery

    Image gallery with option to favorite any image

    Task List

    Task list with done tasks & filtering

    Events App

    Event registration app: using APIs, Optimistic UI, error handling and more!

    Settings App

    Build tab based view with complex forms, storing user preferences. Learn TypeScript! Create notifications system using Teleport!

    Recipe Book

    Build a SPA for storing recipes. Save to local storage, create multiple views. Learn Vue Router and Pinia.