Symfony Framework Hands-On

Learn the Symfony PHP Framework using most modern PHP 8 and build a great interactive social web project!
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4166 students
12 hours
114 videos
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What students say about the course?
I like the course, the instructor explain everything so clear and with visuals. Also the project is so detailed way and useful, thanks!

Rahime Y.

I enjoy the course. It is well-explained and beginner-friendly even though there's a lot of information to process. Also, the links provided for the documentation are beneficial.

Victoria L.

I was looking for a fast paced dive straight into Symfony, to give me a broad overview of the framework. This class is it! Piotr also does a great job of referencing documentation for further study.

Brian P.

What will you learn?
  • Learn Symfony for modern PHP development.
  • Upgrade your PHP skills with Symfony.
  • Build websites, APIs, and microservices with Symfony.
  • Hands-on learning by creating a Twitter/X clone.
  • Build controllers, handle authentication, and security.
  • Use Tailwind CSS for frontend design, including light and dark modes.
  • Master routing and controllers in Symfony.
  • Use Twig templates for the view layer.
  • Deep dive into Doctrine for migrations and advanced queries.
  • Render forms and control UI with Tailwind CSS.
  • Manage users with authentication and authorization.
  • Add features like likes, following, and image uploads.
  • Understand Symfony services and Dependency Injection.
  • Learn advanced reusable queries and repository patterns.
  • Perfect for PHP and full-stack developers.
  • Comprehensive course from basics to advanced.
  • Gain practical experience with a real project.
  • Expert instruction and in-depth lessons.
  • Become job-ready with in-demand skills.
  • Target student
  • Basic PHP required
  • What's included?
    • 30 days money back guarantee!
    • Access to Discord Community!
    • Q&A Section to get you unstuck!
    What will you build?

    Twitter/X Clone

    Fun project with posts, likes, following, commenting, image/avatar uploads. I had so much fun building this, I'm sure you'll have fun too! What's better than having fun and learning?