Master NestJS a Node.js Framework

Learn Nest and Node, GraphQL, REST, Unit Testing, E2E Testing, Type ORM 3, API Development with TypeScript and more!
4.6 (774 ratings)
6400 students
12 hours
121 videos
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What students say about the course?
Good course! The course is very good, nothing superfluous, the author even cuts and speeds up empty spaces. Everything you need to know is there. How best to do and how best NOT to do is shown and told. In addition to just the code, there are explanations with the theory, which, in principle, I have not seen anywhere else. Directly with diagrams, diagrams, everything is clear and understandable.

Dev N.

I tried several courses on NestJS and this course is definitely the best. The guide is very knowledgable, giving production level examples and teachings!

Moonshot V.

I don't get how anyone could give a rate under 5 stars to this course. First of all, it was a great course! Instructor assumes students to know nothing about both architecture design and technologies used such as NestJS, sql, database, auths. So he covers the most fundamentals of whats needed in order to build the project. They may be boring, but they are crucial in understanding how to utilize NestJS project.

SeungHoon O.

What will you learn?
  • Learn the art of building robust and scalable REST & GraphQL APIs.
  • Comprehensive guide to building high-performance APIs with NestJS.
  • Master routing and controllers in NestJS.
  • Utilize databases including TypeORM for data persistence with Repository, Query Builder, and Relations.
  • Integrate Docker into your local development workflow.
  • Perform data validation and serialization effectively.
  • Deep dive into NestJS modules, Dependency Injection, and Providers.
  • Learn configuring, logging, and error handling in NestJS applications.
  • Implement authentication using Passport.js and Bcrypt.
  • Understand JSON Web Tokens (JWT), how to generate them and use them.
  • Ensure user authorization and manage privileges.
  • Use Postman effectively including creating collections, environments, and automating Postman.
  • Conduct unit testing for your NestJS applications.
  • Perform end-to-end testing including connecting to a database.
  • Gain hands-on experience in building GraphQL APIs.
  • Full source code, diagrams, and visuals to aid in understanding.
  • Focus on practical skills and real-world applications.
  • Target student
  • Basic TypeScript required
  • Basic relational databases understanding required
  • What's included?
    • 30 days money back guarantee!
    • Access to Discord Community!
    • Q&A Section to get you unstuck!
    What will you build?

    Events App

    Build a REST API to register to events, including auth & authorization.

    School App

    Learn GraphQL by building a School project - teachers, students and relations between them. The type of connected data that makes GraphQL shine. Includes authentication.